Wal-Mart Problems

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Wal-Mart Problems

(I inadvertently posted this initially to the Olympus forum)

I've used W-M online photo printing several times and been pleased -- until my last order. I uploaded to W-M two images to be printed at 5x7, two others to be printed at 8x10, with the order to be shipped to the nearest local W-M (there are 4(!) Supercenters within 10 miles of my home).

A few (2-3) days later, I received an email telling me that the order had been shipped.

The next time I was in the store (about 5 days later), I checked on the order at the photo center, and got the standard "it can take up to two weeks" reply. So far, situation normal.

Since my experience has been that the W-M personnel have never telephoned me about an order, I continued to check on the order every 3-4 days, and got the same response each time. I had a one-week business trip to Europe, and really expected to find the pics at the store when I returned -- no such luck.

By then, over 3 weeks had passed since the shipped date. I got more "insistent" with the store personnel, and they did one more search; surprisingly, they did find an unlabeled (no name, order #, date, anything) envelope containing only the two 5x7's I'd ordered. Both seemed a bit darker than I'd expected. The W-M personnel gave me the telephone # for customer service at W-M online, and I called the next day to complain. The rep was very cooperative, offered to refund the charges for the 8x10's or to have them reprinted and shipped free to my home.

Since I'd waited so long anyway, I selected the reprint option. I was supposed to get another email within a few days confirming the prints had been made and shipped -- didn't happen. I waited a week without any communication, then (just before I would have called again) the prints arrived. One of the 8x10's was fine, but the other seemed several shades darker than I expected.

This order was obviously jinxed from the start, so I didn't pursue it any further -- but only one of the four prints was really suitable for the intended purpose.

Will I use W-M again? Probably so for the 8x10's, but I think I'll just take my 5x7 orders in on a CD so that I get the prints quicker and can select/reject on the spot.

I'm puzzled about why the problem of dark prints seems to occur so often -- is there some way to really define the desired brightness in a print order?


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