Olympus E-510 review

Started Nov 23, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Highlight clipping still an issue

from my experience with E500, you need to becareful when shooting outdoor under bright sunlight. I think Oly should look into this seriously and I'm sure they can resolve it like they did with high ISO.

BTW, reviewer conclusion

"I've been using the E-510 for an unusually long time - the delay in publishing this review meant I ended up living with it for several months, which allowed me to really get to know it in the same way an owner would. And my overall impression, I have to say, is very positive indeed."

Hmmmm......it seems that he enjoyed using the E510 so much that it had caused the delay in publishing? If I'm not mistaken, I didn't see any preview on the E510 before this.

Would there be a surprise review on E-3 too cos so far I had not seen any E-3 preview on this site either...

Anyway, great review.


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