D300 AF Fine Tune Feature examples

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D300 AF Fine Tune Feature examples

Simply stated, it works wonders, :biggrin:

Some of my lenses worked better or worse on some cameras for slight front or backfocus at wide open apertures, I tended to shoot some lenses on certain bodies because at 1.4 or wide open, the camera was spot on with this lens but on the other D200 or D2Xs it might have back focused or front focused a bit. Every camera is just a smidge different, and coupled with the lenses, I actually had a card set up for which lens with what camera for those 1.4 or critical focus situations.

Well those days are over. I just took all my Prime lenses and set up a focus test and I was able to dial in all of my prime lenses with the AF fine Tune. They are in the memory and the camera automatically remembers the lens etc. etc. so Cool!:biggrin:

I left the camera overall setting set to default, and I found my 105Vr was spot on, the 50 1.4 was spot on, my 85 1.4 needed an adjustment of +10, which means it was front focusing a tiny amount at super close range, and my 35 f2 needed +5.

At ranges of 2' feet or so I was able to adjust the AF fine focus to move the focus point nearly an inch forward and or backward with a setting of +20 or -20. Very very nice. This of course means that at long ranges the front/back focus range is even greater. With my 180 Prime I was able to move the focus area at least a foot front to back at 40 yds.

Thought I would let you all know the good news. Very easy to use and very very nice. for those of us who shoot indoors wide open this is great news!



Examples (50mm 1.4 @ 1.4):


-20 setting:

-10, starting to come to center:

Centered, 0:

+20 toward the back:

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