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Know what you mean

bigsyd wrote:

This post is a gripe and a quest for a solution to a problem. The
problem is, I'm never in my pictures. I take my camera with me just
about everywhere and I'm the one that is always taking the picture
rather than being in one. When I do attempt to get in a picture by
letting someone else take the picture with my camera, they always
turn out messed up (out of focus, improperly exposed, etc.)

Easy. Just set everything including the AF point. Hand it to someone and simply say: just point that red dot over my eye and hear it focus. Then press the shuter all the way. Then check the results. I find this also helps make people feel better about having their pictures taken since you also want your photo taken. P&S are great for self portraits.

So, how do you combat the problem? I have the Rebel XTi/400D. What
setting do you recommend I place the camera in before I hand the
camera over to the person, that keeps looking at the LCD Display on
the back of the camera instead of the viewfinder,that will be taking
the picture that I will be in?

Do you just flip it to P mode and hope and pray that they capture an
image you will be happy with? Or maybe even the Auto Mode (square)?

Just curious. I'm tired of not being able to see myself in my
pictures. Yes, I could use a self-timer but that is not always
convenient for the moment.

OK, enough griping.
-Big Syd (Canon Rebel XTi and Canon PowerShot S2 IS User)

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I know you mean well but please do not embed my images into the forum. Thanks for respecting that.

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