Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Re: HUGHE difference of ADC 12bit-vs-14bit S:N!

PIXmantra wrote:

Bill Janes wrote:

Still, there is no doubt that the S:N of an ideal ADC
is related to bit depth. An ADC's ideal SNR is 6.02N+1.76 dB, where N
is the bit depth.

...That translates about 86 dB (14bit) vs. 72 dB (12bit). That's
massive .

I wonder if we are missing something here.

Probably. 86 db is 14 f/stops and 72 db is 12 f/stops. As Emil Martin pointed out in a previous post there are various ways to define dynamic range. For practical photography, it depends on how much noise you can tolerate in the shadows.

A practical DR of 14 f/stops is unrealistic and I would guess the DR of the D3 would be 10 stops at most for practical use.
Bill Janes

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