Almost Pro - sort of...(Pentax Edition)

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Re: Almost Pro - sort of...(Pentax Edition)

RyanSabo wrote:

If I forego the kit lens I'd most likely buy a better lens in a
similar range, though after looking at some images shot with the
18-55, I'm pretty impressed and still may pick it up. If it gets
wet, they're so inexpensive I wouldn't feel bad about replacing it.

The kit lens does ok for an inexpensive, slow zoom. But to me, it's another $90-100 I could have put towards a DA21/3.2 Limited or DA*16-50/2.8, either of which is a far better performer. Similarly, the battery grip is another $175 that at the outset would be better spent on a good lens and can be added later. Right there, that's nearly a third the price of the DA*16-50. A fast normal-ish lens like the 35/2 is a useful adjunct but not really necessary if you get the 16-50 ... it's only a stop faster... that's another $300 towards the 16-50 price tag. So you have $300 to go.

I'll definately get a wide lens. I feel it's absolutely required for
what I need to do. Still contemplating which one...

With the 16-50 and 50-135, you have all the bases covered for most intents and purposes ... 16mm is quite a wide field of view, 135mm is a strong tele FoV. As I think I said somewhere above, a K10D two lens kit with these two lenses would suffice for nearly everything other than wildlife shooting ... then you need to wait for the 200 and 300 mm lenses that are coming up or go with third party lenses.

They're lenses of professional quality, both imaging and build. If you simply can't afford it at first go, get the kit lens and the 50-135 (if longer is the first priority) until you can.

BTW: remember to budget for storage cards and spare batteries. And tripod/remote release if some static low light work is in the offing too.


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