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Sorry its taken me a while to get back to this subject - i don't often post on this forum; i prefer to simply observe normally (i'm a photographer you see :-p)

For anyone who's interested in Film in education; i'm currently studying at the University of Newport (Wales), on the Documentary Photography course, and everything i do is in film. There are fantastic digital facilities yes, but the darkrooms are second to none on the European educational stage.

I shoot primarily 6x6, which isn't that expensive in comparison to all the digital kit i have (i was pretty much 90% digital before i went to university). Also, with digital kit people constantly upgrade, which means the cost of keeping with the currently technology is huge, whereas with film the technology is updated all the time and i can reap the benefits quite cheaply.

The main reason i'm an advocate is the quality that's available at a low price (medium format). I'm the first to admit that at 35mm, DSLR's have far surpassed film (i own a canon 350D and its much better than ilford HP5+, for example, at iso400 and above - where i always shoot), but medium format film is another dimension - the quality of the negatives is fantastic, and really has to be seen to be believed.

Digital obviously has control of the majority of the photographic industry however, so i would agree that it is perhaps the best option to take - i was merely suggesting an alternate path that could've been interesting to explore.

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