Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Bernard Languillier Veteran Member • Posts: 4,672
Re: Imagine the technology behind this Nikon sensor design gets...

thw wrote:

filtered into future Sony APS-C sensors.

That will surely be the death of Canon's single biggest advantage.

This might never happen since Sony does apparently own nothing of the D3 sensor technology.

Sony is focussing on creating good enough sensors at very low production prices, which partially explains why Nikon is able to sell the D40/D40x so cheap.

The key for Canon now will be to produce cheap while producing less than Sony, which is probably impossible. This is why I have been predicting that Canon is in fact in a pretty bad position in the low end. They are stuck with Canon sensors that are probably more expensive overall, while offering little practical value compared to the now excellent Sony sensors...


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