D3 sensor efficiency

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Re: Further clarification

Bill Janes wrote:

To confuse the situation further, Christian Buil uses the term
"inverse gain". He reports further that Nikon does process the raw
data before writing them to the memory card, and that they are not
true raw files. This apparently applies only to exposures greater
than one second.

I can confirm this: if you don't have noise reduction off the camera will somehow pre-process raw data before writing it. In my D80 that even happened above ISO-800 with the noise reduction off at any shutter speed. Getting reliable sensor measurements from such a system is unreliable at best...

I don't know about other Nikon models, but we might assume it is so also, probably at different ISOs (not 800).

For testing the D3 I would recommend using a few different ISOs to check how noise behaves... otherwise you might be fooled by the camera.

Just my 2 cents...

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