Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Re: Nikon finally gets the noise down.

Amin Sabet wrote:

ejmartin wrote:

Apparently Christian Buil has done quantitative measurements now of
the D3
indicating even better performance than my measurements had indicated.

But he concludes that the Nikon RAWs aren't really raw. Quoted from
his test:

"It is tragic to see that Nikon solved the problem of thermal signal
by a digital processing of the RAW files (i.e. NEF files do not
contain true raw data). This processing can surely meet the daytime
users and the high performance for main application is evident. But
by repeating the same mistake made on the D70 and the D200 (equipped
with a CCD) on the news Digital SLR Nikon probably divorces once more
with the astronomical community."

Looks like they're talking about dark frame subtraction or its equivalent. Not something to affect most camera use.

Just the fact that the RAW data is clipped at black is reason enough to prefer Canon for astrophotography; Canon DSLR RAW data contains noise levels below black, which keep blacks black in stacks, downsampling, binning, etc, etc.

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