18-200 VR Distortion?

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Re: 18-200 VR Distortion?

Interesting points Rick. I've been experimenting with the DxO demo and have been very impressed (with 18-200). The $169 is like you say a "chunk of change" though. I'm waiting for it to go on sale


Rick L wrote:

I would second what's been said above, with this added issue. The
18-200 is particularly troublesome in that the distortion (if you
look closely) is not as simple as most lenses at the wide end (e.g.,
getting more curve toward the edges in a continuous way), but is
actually kind of "wavey". The only software that I know that really
can take care of this is one modeled to the particular camera/lens
combination, i.e. DXO. That's what I use, and it really improves the
quality of this lens, including uneven sharpness issues as well that
can't be addressed with simple sharpening filters. But it is another
chunk of change, and many people hate the interface (maybe because
it's different than they are used to, although I've gotten used to it
and like it).

Rick L

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