Alpha 100 error: No Lens Attached

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Re: Alpha 100 error: No Lens Attached

jheirtzler wrote:

Hey A100 people - need your help!

Last month I bought the Sony Alpha 100 and Tamaron 18-250mm lens,
thanks in large part to the discussion here. Love that lens!


However, my camera has developed a serious problem. I have only had
it about a month and I'm not sure if it's the lens or the body. I can
the finger pointing when I go back to Tamaron or to Sony.

What happens is occasionally the LCD will say "No Lens Attached" and
usually turning the camera on/off will fix the problem. I'm not sure if
it's more likely Sony's problem or Tamaron's (leaning towards Sony) but
I have some travel and wildlife photo opportunities coming up, and it's
going to stink to not have my camera for this...

As I say, it's random and I can turn it on and take pictures for 15
mins and
then all of the sudden it will happen and I miss a critical photo. I
am running
1.0.4 firmware and also did a reset on the camera -- to no avail.

Any thoughts on this?

I occasionally have this problem with my 7d. I cleaned the lens mount on both the camera and body with rubbing alchol - I just dipped a small rag in the rubbing alchol and wiped them down and it seemed to help.

I still occasionally get it, but not near as often. I seems to happen most in very bright conditions, if I point the camera somewhere else, it is ok again. Weird I know.

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