Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Re: Any other questions?

John Sheehy wrote:

You're overlooking the fact that the noise down in the deep shadows
has nothing to do with photon counts. P&S and FF DSLR sensors vary
far more greatly in photon capture than in read noise. Most of the
existing Nikon DSLRs have similar or the same read noise as P&S
cameras do, relative to RAW saturation (or, in ADUs).

Thanks for the explanation. The ISO 1600 F30 image I posted has no deep shadows. Is read noise still the reason why a 5D or D3 image pushed to ISO 35,000 apparently can't match it at that output size in similar lighting?

You can't model camera noise in terms of photons collected, until you
remove read noise from the equation.

I have come to accept the idea that small sensor cameras don't have any advantage for handheld shooting with a deep DOF. Isn't this is based on modelling camera noise purely in terms of photons collected? Am I to go back to thinking that small sensor cameras have an advantage for deep DOF in handheld, low light photography?

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