Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Re: Any other questions?

Amin Sabet wrote:

A question and a comment.

Comment first - It still seems much better than it ought to be.
Here's my one minute spent on creating a 50% processed crop from the
100% version you posted:

I'm sure I could do better processing straight from RAW. Question
is, would a processed 37% crop of an ISO 70,000 shot from a D3 or 5D
look that good? If yes, I want someone to show me. If no, then it
would seem Fuji has more than special NR.

You're overlooking the fact that the noise down in the deep shadows has nothing to do with photon counts. P&S and FF DSLR sensors vary far more greatly in photon capture than in read noise. Most of the existing Nikon DSLRs have similar or the same read noise as P&S cameras do, relative to RAW saturation (or, in ADUs).

You can't model camera noise in terms of photons collected, until you remove read noise from the equation. Most of the extra noise you'd see with a 5D or D3 pushed to ISO 70,000 is due to read noise. The fact that the most objectionable things in the image are patterned tells you right there that it is read noise that is being boosted to objectionable levels, as there is no patterning in shot noise.

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