Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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PIXmantra wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Well, I've finally found a way to look at D3 RAWs, thanks to Emil

The D3 seems to collect about twice as many photons as the Canon 5D
at the same ISO, and has slightly lower read noise at ISO 1600. I
haven't looked at low ISO files yet.

....What's full-well readout from D3 and from 5D?

I don't know about the D3. It has a "low" ISO, and it would require taking some test shots in that ISO to see where the well fill (and/or get too non-linear to use without consequence).

I would guess that it is somewhere in the neighborhood of the 5D, at about 80K photons, if there is enough headroom to have a "low" ISO, but not enough to have "ISO 100". The 5D has a full-headroom ISO 100, but a compromised ISO 50.

The difference is that the D3 collects Photons about twice as fast.

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