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Re: Intersting challenge!

joe mama wrote:

Just for the fun of doing it, I'd like to compute the difference in
stops. The way I see it, since the f30 has a 1.7" sensor with a 4:3
aspect ratio, we would use a focal multiplier that is the ratio of
the heights of the 5D sensor and f30 sensor: FM = 23.9mm / 5.7mm =
4.19. In stops, this would be FM = ln 4.19 / ln sqrt 2 = 4.14 stops,
which is pretty much the same as what you got.

I was using the diagonals instead if the heights as a compromise since the aspect ratios are different, hence 4.4 stops (rounded)

In other words, a 35mm sensor should, in similar light conditions, be able to
produce a similar processed ISO 35,000 shot at this output size.

However, it is here where I differ. This would make the equivalent
settings on the 5D to be f/21, 1/38, ISO 27400 -- again, pretty much
the same as your numbers.

Similar numbers, again slightly different due to the use of the diagonals.

I'd like to see such a comparison with the 5D myself. Perhaps I
could do it. However, my RAW converter, BreezeBrowser Pro, does a
horrific job of pushing the ev comp as compared with Lightroom, so
I'm thinking the software has a huge amount to do with it. It may
work wonderfully with one RAW converter, but horribly with another.

I've tried my 5D at ISO 25,600 using Lightroom, and the results were horrible.

Also, equivalence is based on the "same design and efficiency" of
sensor. A comparison with the 5D would be an interesting test of the
effectiveness of "super CCD"!

Indeed! Anyone up for the challenge? The combination of my 5D and my processing has tried and failed.

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