D3 sensor efficiency

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Re: Some clarification, please

Danlo wrote:

Please guys/girls.. someone earlier on this thread talked about D200
having a dynamic range around 11 stops.. and that´s just b-s h i t ,
the MF-digital backs have aprox. 12 steps and the difference in
raw-files between MF and Dslr is extreme! i would guess that the D200
have around 7,5 steps and the D40x around 8 steps dynamic range.

I dont for a moment believe that the D3 has dynmic range in the same
league as the MF-backs.

Fine, don't believe it. The Canon 1-series has had 11.5 stops of DR since the Mark II. Realize that what is being discussed is the engineering definition of DR, which is raw saturation level divided by read noise. This is a more liberal definition than what some people call "useable dynamic range", obtained from looking at the output of raw converted images of step wedges etc. Just make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

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