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A 2 day old laptop fails....hmmm

I wouldn't call that a good experience. You should have been sent a new one and not have to send yours in for repairs.

Jeff in Va wrote:

So many folks comment when things go wrong, so I am writting to say
sometimes they go right. I bought a Dell D630 latitude laptop two
weeks ago. After a couple of days the screen would go blank due a
failing lamp, I believe. Talked to Dell, little waiting on the
phone, and they said send it in for repair. That evening the DHL guy
picks it up. A day and a half later there is a knock on my door and
my laptop is back with a new screen.

I live near DC and the Dell repair depot is in Memphis so it had to
fly there to be fixed. Dell had a automatic phone caller that told
me when it arrived and departed the repair faciility. Also they told
me to leave out the hard drive and battery when I shipped it. This
way you don't need to worry about someone stealing your passwords,

Obviously others have had other experiences, but I would be happy to
recommend Dell.

Finally let me thank Phil for creating such a great web site.

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