Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Intersting challenge!

Here is a resized photo of my son taken with a Fuji F30:

The EXIF info on that is intact. ISO 1600, f/5, 1/38s

According to Joe Mama and others, my 5D sensor should have, assuming
similar sensor technology, about a 4.4 stop advantage over the F30 at
equal output size.

Just for the fun of doing it, I'd like to compute the difference in stops. The way I see it, since the f30 has a 1.7" sensor with a 4:3 aspect ratio, we would use a focal multiplier that is the ratio of the heights of the 5D sensor and f30 sensor: FM = 23.9mm / 5.7mm = 4.19. In stops, this would be FM = ln 4.19 / ln sqrt 2 = 4.14 stops, which is pretty much the same as what you got.

In other words, a 35mm sensor should, in similar light conditions, be able to
produce a similar processed ISO 35,000 shot at this output size.

However, it is here where I differ. This would make the equivalent settings on the 5D to be f/21, 1/38, ISO 27400 -- again, pretty much the same as your numbers.

I'd like to see such a comparison with the 5D myself. Perhaps I could do it. However, my RAW converter, BreezeBrowser Pro, does a horrific job of pushing the ev comp as compared with Lightroom, so I'm thinking the software has a huge amount to do with it. It may work wonderfully with one RAW converter, but horribly with another.

Also, equivalence is based on the "same design and efficiency" of sensor. A comparison with the 5D would be an interesting test of the effectiveness of "super CCD"!

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