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Re: 1D2/N outputs 80,000 K electrons @ effective ISO75-80...

PIXmantra wrote:

What is the D3's real maximum full-well capacity? Sorry if I missed
anything, here...

As I've mentioned above, I was imprecise in my choice of terminology. What I really measured was the collection efficiency, photoelectrons per raw level, at ISO 1600, then scaled the results to ISO 200 at raw saturation (raw level 4095). Since sensors are linear up to very near saturation, and the change in ISO just scales the number of photoelectrons by a factor of eight, I think this is perfectly reasonable. Since the sensor wells were not full for the images I was using, this is not the full well capacity. For that one would have to find an ISO at which the sensor saturates before raw level 4095 is reached, as it is on Canons at their lowest ISO's.

Roger Clark has not published his results, yet, which I kind of look
forward to it.

Indeed. I hope he corrects for the clipping of blacks in Nikon raw when he measures read noise.

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