D3 sensor efficiency

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Re: D3 sensor efficiency

ddt332 wrote:

Thanks. That's very disappointing. That means D3 will have the
same DR as D200 which was reported by Phil just has 8 EV usable DR.
I really hope D3 with its much bigger photo sites will increase its
Dr significantly.

Two points to note here:

1. The engineering definition that I, Clark and others are using is a rather liberal definition of DR; it sets the noise floor as the noise at zero signal. Most people would stop well before then. The part of the range where the signal is "high quality" will be larger on the D3 because of those large photosites; that is what the well capacity measurement tells us.

2. The DR by any definition will be much better on the D3 at high ISO than it is on the D200, due to the advantages of CMOS technology over the CCD used in the D200. Even according to the engineering definition, it's over two stops better at ISO 1600.

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