Lightroom 1.3 Unstable

Started Nov 17, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Lightroom 1.3 I've Had It.

I'm running on an HP computer with Windows XP with all the updates current. I did send the bug report when Windows asked me after LR crashed.

I rebooted and created a whole new catalog from scratch. It has 5300 photos. When 1.3 works, I notice it does scroll through photos faster. But even on the new catalog, after using the program for about 10 minutes it started acting strange. Some photos would be blank, while most were fine. After I use LR for a few minutes I notice that Rendering becomes noticeably slower. It still crashes.

I don't get how the folks who do such a nice job on Elements, seem to have so much trouble on stability with Lightroom!

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