EOS 40D Camera Issues, ERR 06

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EOS 40D Camera Issues, ERR 06

For the second time I had to deal with a problem with my EOS 40D this week. I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, but I'm going to explain here and hope someone can shed more light. If you know someone from Canon, please send this info to them to have it checked, in case it might be a problem with all EOS 40Ds.

The first time this problem happened, the camera was in sleep mode for a long while. When I say sleep mode, I mean that the camera was on (switch is on) but that it powered down automatically after a while. In this case when you press the shutter button it comes back alive.

So it was in sleep mode for a while, maybe 30 minutes, when I attached the USB cable without waking it up first, and connected it to my PC. It woke up and I was able to transfer pictures. Then, without turning it off first, I unplugged the USB cable from the PC. This froze the camera. Nothing responded, and I turned it off, and when I turned it back on, I got an error screen:

"ERR 06: Self Cleaning Sensor Unit Malfunction. Consult with Canon Service Center"

And the top LCD also showed garbled information or sometimes nothing at all. The LCD info in the viewfinder also was garbled. I tried resetting the camera, taking out the battery and putting it back in, but I kept getting the ERR 06 screen when I turned it on, and the top LCD didn't work well. The rest of the camera worked though. I could take pictures and connect to PC, browse files, browse the menu etc.

What eventually solved this issue, was taking the battery out and leaving the cam without the battery for about an hour or 2. Then putting it back in, and the ERR 06 screen went away, and after that the top LCD started working again.

After a few days, the camera was in sleep mode again, when I connected the remote to it. I pressed the shutter button and it turned on, but the top LCD screen was frozen. Information was displayed, but pressing buttons did not change the screen. I turned off the cam and back on, and there was the ERR 06 screen again, and the top LCD had garbled info.

I had to take out the battery again, leave it for an hour or 2 and put it back in for the ERR 6 screen to go away and the top LCD to work again.

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So it looks like there are some issues here (and if you dare, try to test these):

1) Either there is a problem with the 40D cameras, where connecting the USB cable and Remote control cable while the camera is in sleep mode for a while causes it to act strange or malfunction in a way when it comes back on by pressing the shutter button.

2) Or, connecting the USB cable or Remote control cable while the camera is already on causes it to act weird or malfunction. Maybe the camera has to be off before you connect the cables and then turn it back on?

3) Perhaps leaving the cam in sleep mode for a long time, like 1-3 hours causes it to malfunction when it wakes back up and gets turned off and on again.

4) Or there is a problem with just my camera.

Any thoughts?

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