Another Wedding with the MRKIII .. less flash this time.

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Re: Not trying to be critical..

I'll throw my 2 cents here. I agree with the first poster that your lighting is not quite there. I'm not a huge fan of drastically colored gels so I'd prefer you tone them down or at least make them warmer so they don't have such a obvious fashion vibe.

However I can disagree with the second poster about keeping it simple. I'd suggest pushing the boundaries a few times at a wedding or if the bride specificly wants her images to look like this but trying out new techniques all day on the wedding day is a bit risky. However, if you advertise your business as offering these types of images then you can really set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. My work falls somewhere between where you are trying to go and the typical photojournalistic/natural light on camera flash boring stuff others are doing. And I've met many wedding photogs upset that "the market is destroyed because of the XTi and D40." My thoughts are you can really separate yourself from everyone else and charge a nice premium for your work and if your customers come to you because they like what they see then bank on your business being there.

All that being said, I'd suggestion you keep working on it and explore the possibilities of hard light vs soft light, gelled vs natural, and single light vs mult light setups. If you want high fashioned wedding images then by all means go for it and work it to your advantage.

I also have to believe the shot of the bride with the strobe below her hitting the wall was inspired from the recent post on strobist? I've been wanting to try this technique but I agree that your light was a bit too powerful. Great effort though and keep it up.

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