D300 Basketball Shots at ISO 3200

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Re: D300 Basketball Shots at ISO 3200

Have to say that those images look pretty good. In fact, they look better than high ISO action images I have seen so far from the Canon. Also, I don't think you are going to see much of a detail difference between the D300 and D3 in 90% of any shot you take. You would have to output incredibly large prints to actually see a difference imo. Blowing these images up to 100% on the internet and then arguing about them is just ridiculous. It has no real world significance. It really does not!

Hey I have an idea, lets all show images on our computer so large, that we need to use the scroll bars such that we can look at only a very small part of the image at one time. Yea, that's really smart...

You 100% crop freaks are just that, freaks. And you are all stupid. Seriously f* g stupid.
The D300 is looking to be a great cam.
Scott A.

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