D300 Basketball Shots at ISO 3200

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Kim Letkeman
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water color is considered great now?

nikor wrote:
Remember that what you're seeing is more in-camera noise reduction
than actual sensor noise, so you're not as much seeing the "nature of
the noise" as much as the nature of the in-camera noise reduction.

larsbc wrote:

attilacs wrote:

This is very nice for 3200 (even for 1600).

I agree, very nice. Looks like ISO1000 on my D200.

The nature of the noise is also very nice, appearing even more
monochromatic than the noise on my D200 which already held the colour
noise down pretty well.

I never considered the ISO1600 performance on my D200 to be usable
but it looks like I will be happy with ISO1600 on my D300, and D3200
will certainly do in a pinch.

The 100% crop shows that there is a water color effect indicating extreme high iso noise reduction. It is very well done, I grant that, but there is no texture left in the hair or on the ball. Look at the eyes ... they look painted. The skin also has a mosaic effect.

The D2Hs retains almost all of the texture at 3200 with some grain added ... but it has photosites 3 times the size of the D300.

I hope that the production cameras are able to retain more fine detail ... but I fear that 12mp on a DX sensor really is beyond the limit.

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