Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Re: Zenitar sharper than Nikon at 12mm at F11

Abbazz wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

D TONG wrote:

By the way. Always shoot aperture preferred at f/11 with the Zenitar.
It sharpens up dramatically at that f stop.

I can't agree about the choice of aperture.

My copy is best around f/5.6. See a simple test chart here (this very

The Ken Rockwell review is about a Zenitar lens mounted on a Canon
EOS 5D full frame camera. Diffraction limits the resolution on crop
format cameras from f/8 on. On crop format cameras like the Pentax
DSLRs, most lenses exhibit better results at f/5.6, some others at
f/8 despite the diffraction toll, but never at f/11 where the
softness caused by diffraction becomes overwhelming. On a full frame
camera, many lenses exhibit better sharpness than on a crop format
camera, because they can be used at f/8 or f/11 where they have
better resolution, without having to suffer heavily from diffraction.

Good point Abbazz. I never went to Rockwell's place to check it out. The day Pentax goes FF this thread needs to be updated...

Not only the diffraction related matters makes for better performance on a FF; the lower pixel density also helps here. Otoh there is... Interesting times and all that...


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