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Re: Hummm....

Higuma wrote:

OF COURSE you can't assess image quality from a scan of a magazine...
No one suggested otherwise...

BUT..... what you can do with scans like this is make a "COMPARATIVE
JUDGMENT" based on the fact that all of the players are outputted the

You can't. The fact that it makes the D200 look really good at ISO 3200 tells is that the tests are worthless, since the D200 is very poor at ISO 3200.

In ANY test you see / read - you should limit & reserve any final
judgment of IQ to what YOU yourself are capable of producing...

A strange statement. I push the D200 resolution and ISO performance to its limits. (I rarely use AF, so that is unimportant to me.) So I would like to know what the limits of the new cameras are, as that imposes the upper ceiling on what I can expect.


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