Tripod usage on Safari in Tanzania?

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Re: Here you go...Equipment first

akphotography wrote:

Let me get this right. Did you burn copy of your files on CD's/DVD's?
Or did you just had it on your laptop?

I brought a laptop, WD 160Gb portable drive and a Wolverine 120Gb ESP. The Wolverine's screen died before I could use it. So, instead of triple redundancy, I had double by keeping separate copies on the laptop as well as the WD HDD. On top of that, I shot RAW+JPG so I ultimately had 4 copies of everything. Not that that helps if you have an equipment failure.

I still in complete shock when people take portable HD to extreme
conditions and have the only copy of the file on it. SCARY !!

It's not that the conditions are what you might call extreme. The 'extreme' aspect is that once you've left for safari, there is no opportunity to replace anything and repairs are only what you're capable of and equipped for.

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