No hardware, just firmware upgrades I'd like to see

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Re: No hardware, just firmware upgrades I'd like to see

It was on the wish list of us 9000/9500 users - 9100/9600 is what we got instead. Do not grow high expectations from Fuji when it comes to FW upgrades as won't be any. 9200/9700 perhaps with half of your wishes heard and answered -but not all of them. BTW, watch how your SCCD performs on the long run. I still have old 602 aside 9500 and there is a strange thing happening - though it appears the actuall sensitivity stays unchanged (judging by parameters used), the noise is getting more pronounced.....hmmm. I know some photoconductive applications have auto compensation due to loss of sensitivity, perhaps SCCDs have the same thing, only Fuji knows. I for sure can say it is happening on both of my SCCD equipped cameras. But, it does not bother me that much as I am not obsessed by the whole noise issue. Of course if my 9500 becomes unusable on 400, I will scream loud (and very likelly buy another Fuji, dumb me)


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