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Re: I think you put those scanning online may infringe the law of copyright!!

peterchew wrote:

Don't get mad, IThomas. From what you quoted, I cannot see why you
can say yes.

Anyway, I believed no_eye_in_Nikon understand this is just a
frendly remind. I do not know this reminder will upset so many people.

Peter Chew

I am hoping it is a friendly reminder

Seriously I do not wish to get into any copyright trouble and that is the reason that I removed the pictures.

I had a very honest intention of telling chaps and gals on this site of the only comprehensive review I've seen of the D3 and D300 (which is I am interested in). There are so many posts in this Forum on ISO this and AF that in regards to the D300, that my conclusion was unless a comprehensive review in a controlled environment is done then I am taking everything with a grain of salt.

So I came across this magazine and what I see makes me excited about my decision to buy the D300 and I simply wanted to share that information.

Perhaps once Phil does his review of the D300, people may arrive to the same excitement.


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