G9 Grip (4 photos)

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G9 Grip (4 photos)

Ok, Diane, time to spend some more money… but the amount is minuscule compared to your new viewfinder.

This is Richard Franiec’s grip (now known as MY grip), from four different angles. Taking it out of the plastic bag, I was surprised at how thin it was, but it’s all you need. It's metal, weighs 15 grams and is easy to apply. For me, it’s a must-have item that changes not only my grip but my attitude towards the camera…

This is an excerpt from my letter to Richard:

“What a craftsman you are… it's fantastic. Beautifully machined, great indent at the bottom for proper fitting, excellent instructions… it couldn't be better.

“While it certainly gives you more control with the 550EX attached, I must say that I'm more impressed by being able to snatch it out of my bag. I guess that's because I do that most of the time, avoiding the flash whenever possible.

“Your G9 grip is beautiful piece of machinery that makes me want to pick up the camera and shoot something - and that's what it's all about. Equipment may not be everything, but if you love your equipment, you'll treat it and your craft with the respect they deserve. Your grip makes me love the camera more.”

Richard also makes an all-black lens ring to replace the G9’s lens ring which has a bright chrome line. I doubt if my Lensmate will ever come off, but if it does, Richard’s black ring will go on in place of the original. It looks much better.

Richard Franiec can be emailed at tecsol@comcast.net. And you’ll find more photos and details at

http://www.mycanong7.com/65801/460401.html , which is where I got my first look at the grip.

Excuse the lens flare, Diane... my light tent and bulbs are at home and I just slapped this thing onto my desk and shot into the sun in my rush to improve your camera.

The grip was US$25 including international shipping (US$22.50 inside the U.S.) and it arrived in Hong Kong in six days. I knew I would like it before I bought it, so I bought a second one for Leela's camera -- and if she doesn't want it, I'll buy another G9 just to use it.


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