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Re: FYI - D3 & D300 reviewed in

no_eye_in_Nikon wrote:

On the way out of the office tonight I asked one of my Japanese
colleagues to quickly translate a couple of things for me from the

1) In the ISO testing section and for the D300 the article says that
"you can use the D300 in ISO 3200 quite normally" but "in ISO6400 use
carefully". I guess what he meant, is the ISO3200 is very usable but
at the ISO6400 it gets to be more noisy.

Thanks for the info! Would be interested if you can get more translated.

My understanding is that Nikon uses the designations "Hi" or "Lo" instead of their equivalent ISO settings of "6400" and "100" because they mean that they should only be used with an understanding that their performance will be degraded.

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