Painted Muslin Backdrop Question

Started Nov 10, 2007 | Discussions thread
Joe Peoples Senior Member • Posts: 2,437

minihorses01 wrote:

I have an Amvona painted muslin backdrop and wondered if it could be
put in the clothes dryer to remove wrinkles and fold lines. Anyone
have experience with these?


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Joe Peoples writes:

How are you storing your drop? Will you roll it onto a PVC pipe or randomly stuff it into a laundry bag? If you roll it onto a pipe, I would steam it (always from the back). If you stuff it into a bag, steaming is a waste of time. A small drop can be spritzed with water (spray it on the back with a pressurized garden sprayer, not the front), as was mentioned in another response. I have a few dozen muslins in my inventory and I put them in a commercial dryer, on high heat for 15-20 minutes, to remove the wrinkles. The drops are then randomly stuffed into a laundry bag, to avoid symmetrical wrinkles. I'm not sure how Avmona paints their drops, but I sometimes wash my drops, at the laundromat, cold cycle, no detergent, then into the dryer for an hour on high heat. I have lots of traffic on them and dirt is eventually visible. Unless you roll the drop onto a pipe to avoid wrinkles, your lighting must be somewhat flat or even the mildest wrinkles will show.

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