If Pentax lense 16-45 ed/4 is much better than 18-55 kit 3.5-5.6??

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Re: If Pentax lense 16-45 ed/4 is much better than 18-55 kit 3.5-5.6??

michas1975 wrote:

Hello members!
If Pentax lense 16-45 ed/4 is much better than 18-55 kit 3.5-5.6??
Please maybe some test if someone have made??

About a year ago, I posted a test that for some reason has been deleted from the forum. It was not exhaustive (all focal lengths at all apertures and all focusing distances), but I thought it provided useful insight into their relative performance.

The lenses were set to 45mm, f/8, and were focused on a tree about 30m away (close to infinity). I wasn't trying to find the worst performance of the lenses; rather I was looking for typical performance.

Taken with a K10D in jpeg mode with default settings. On a tripod using mirror lockup.

Here's the tree:

Yes, I know there's dust on the sensor, and I know there's quantized tones in the sky (not there in the original).

100% crop from center (18-55):

100% crop from center (16-45):

100% crop from edge (18-55):

100% crop from edge (16-45):

In the past thread, some were concerned the focus was off. I don't think so. Someone else said I had a bad copy of the kit lens. I don't think that is the case either. I can say that that focussing a couple of meters away, that my copy of the kit lens and the 16-45 are much closer in performance, so I would conclude that the kit lens design is optimized for closer shooting distances.

Keep in mind that you are looking at twigs and blades of grass at a long distance. I'm personally impressed with the kit lens performance and think this shows how great the 16-45mm is, not how bad the 18-55mm is. I have not included it here, but I ran a comparison with the A50 f/1.4, and the 16-45 was very close to it in this situation.

I'd like to see someone else run some comparisons between these two lenses on the K10D. As far as I know, I'm the only one who has posted pictures on this forum comparing these lenses since the camera with the high resolution sensor was released. Sort of surprising given the popularity of these two lenses.


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