Boy am I mad!

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Re: Boy am I mad!

James with S30 wrote:

I never tried Easy CD. I have been using NTI CD Maker Pro 2000 all
the time with no problems, and the installation is straight forward.

Easy CD indeed is more likely to have some installation problem, in
my opinion.

Another good CD burning program is Neo CD-ROM Burner, I believe.


George L Bennett wrote:

James with S30 wrote:
I simply don't understand why you don't get a CD-Burner which is so
cheap these days. And it's no comparison to the price of your car,
by the way. The cost of taking your photos to Ritz Camera a couple
of times is almost enough for a CD-Burner. And don't forget it
takes time for Ritz Camera to get your photos to a CD and then send
the CD to you, which you still think is an acceptable backup
solution in today's digital/computer world?

And you do have to backup your photo originals from your harddrive
to a CD or something if you do value those photos, right?

"Fail to plan is plan to fail" -> "Fail to backup is plan to fail".


Dan Pressnell wrote:

I had some Christmas pictures taken with my Canon G1. I put them
on a card with a card reader, and took it to a Ritz Camera store to
have two CDs made. All the pictures were in JPG format. All were

After about two weeks, I got the CDs back. The pictures have been

Some were resized (to a larger format), some cropped, some had
their color
and levels changed completely! All were renamed, were in different
and none of them had the original date (all had a date of
1/11/2002). And
the EXIF information is missing.

I thought one of the benifits of digital photography was that you
don't have some sloppy lab messing up things. This is incredible
that somebody would totally screw up DIGITAL FILES.

These things are going back for a refund.

Be careful if you use this service.


After the CD burner, what about the program. I have been trying to get Easy CD Burner program to work for about a month. Nothing but trouble and customer service is no help. Just check out posts on Easy CD Burner, mostly negative. Too many photos to leave on hard drive and gave up and Ofoto do them. Perfect job. By-the-way, if anyone knows of a program that works to burn a CD, it would be most welcome. Email me, I have had it with EASY CD BURNER!!!!!!

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George L

NATI CD Maker Pro 2000. Where is that available????

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