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Re: Avant Stellar keyboard. The best.

Tom_Bruno wrote:

One of its key features is programability. Using the supplied
software it's a simple task to reassign any key to be any other key.
There are as many ways to take advantage of this as your imagination
allows. As one small example, I never use the calculator keys as a
calculator. I have a separate calculator for that. So I have
programmed the large "0 / Ins" key at the bottom of the calculator
pad to function as Delete. This alone has saved me countless finger
movements. Also, becasue the key is big, I don't have to look down
to be sure my finger has found the little Delete key.

Another key feature is having the function keys on the left side.

Indeed. Programmability AND the extra set of function keys on the left where THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE! [g]

Pricey, and a built like a tank, but worth the $$$ I spent IMO.

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