Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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Re: Zenitar sharper than Nikon at 12mm at F11

D TONG wrote:

By the way. Always shoot aperture preferred at f/11 with the Zenitar.
It sharpens up dramatically at that f stop.

I can't agree about the choice of aperture.

My copy is best around f/5.6. See a simple test chart here (this very thread):

There may be sample differences but I doubt anyone has a Zenitar having a sweet spot at f/11. But to be sure, just do a reasonably clever simple test using a tripod, mirror lock up and a target with some details. Finding out the sweet spot should be a quick procedure.

It even beat out Ken
Rockwell's Nikon at 12 mm. See his tests at:


On the other hand, using the Zenitar wide open at f/2.8 gets you
pretty soft results.

There we can all agree.


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