How does everyone feel about interpolated pictures?

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Re: How does everyone feel about interpolated pictures?

Judy Coffman wrote:

I am thinking of getting the S602 but I am a little concerned that
it interpolates the pictures to get them up to 6mp. How does
anyone who already has one of the earlier cameras feel about this?
Is the picture quality true?
Judy C

All digital cameras interpolate. Possible exception is the S3 technology and it still has to combine or interpolate information.

This includes even the best Nikon, Canon, Olympus and of course Fuji.

Fuji commits the ultimate sin however by doing it considerably better the the huge leaders and thus must be stomped on.

There once was a US Presidential campain that almost succeeded in defeating the inmcumbent by telling everyone in a secretive whisper the President's wife was a well known "thespian" [said quietly and quickly it sounds like something else that would probably be banned on this forum].

The reason I put this information in is by pointing the finger one frequently can escape being examined themselves. NO I AM NOT accusing anyone I have NO proof. But who stands to benfit if Fuji does not sell al lot of cameras?

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