How does everyone feel about interpolated pictures?

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Re: How does everyone feel about interpolated pictures?


There are many other excellent threads in the forum on that topic. You might have some fun checking them out.

My understanding of the issue is that all digital sensors must use interpolation (except perhaps the new Foveon). Fuji's is just a little bit different, as dictated by the non-square array layout. Furthermore, when you display or print, further interpolation is used by all, unless the output pixels map exactly to the stored pixels, which is rarely the case. More important are true resolution, which is a combination of sensor pixel density and optics, and native (in-camera) color rendition and noise levels, which depend both on hardware and software. Additionally, other items, such as in-camera sharpening and image compression, affect the image.

If you will post-process the image yourself, many cameras can provide excellent results. (I like the 6mp fine with minimal sharpening out of the Fuji 6900, which I own, for this.) For straight-out-of-the-camera to 5x7 prints or to video display, Fuji is excellent for me at 3mp fine. I have also used both Olympus and Canon digitals, and Fuji provides the best out-of-the-camera colors, in my opinion.

In summary, although Fuji's somewhat different interpolation method is an interesting topic for discussion, I wouldn't focus upon it as the one killer issue.

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Judy Coffman wrote:

I am thinking of getting the S602 but I am a little concerned that
it interpolates the pictures to get them up to 6mp. How does
anyone who already has one of the earlier cameras feel about this?
Is the picture quality true?
Judy C


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