How does everyone feel about interpolated pictures?

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Re: How does everyone feel about interpolated pictures?

Judy Coffman wrote:

I am thinking of getting the S602 but I am a little concerned that
it interpolates the pictures to get them up to 6mp. How does
anyone who already has one of the earlier cameras feel about this?
Is the picture quality true?
Judy C


I feel fine about it especially as it doesnt. Fuji's CCD starts with a 6m image derived from its 3m sensors. The arrangement of them allows a fair representation of a 4m resolution if viewed side by side with other cameras but the other data is not just made up it is based on real information and provides the ability to enlarge these images up even further without producinfg jaggies.

All cameras interpolate. The G2 a very nice camera has 4m ccd elements. It takes 4 of these to produce 1 pixel so it too interpolates the pixel.

What is different is that it produces sharper images from the camera but this is because the G2 does a lot of processing in camera. It doesn't allow as much enlargement though because it is pre sharpened.

The S602 is a good compromise it produces very good images straight from the camera, lovely colour and definition and yet it is not so over processed that you can't do a fair bit of tweaking/ enlarging yourself.

Reading this back it doesn't sound very clear but there are many threads on this in this forum. run a search on interpolation and make your brain hurt.
--Best Wishes,Richard DunnWarwick UK

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