Resolution or ruggedized?

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Not camera shake

The two shots have different exposures:
The first shot (olympus) is f/5 at 1/250s.
The second shot (canon) is f/4 at 1/500.

This means the first shot is about 1/3 stop overexposed compared to the second shot, which is evident in the overall brighter first image.

Neither shot suffers from camera shake, as both shutter speeds are high enough to eliminate this.

I can think of a few possibilities. I'll start with what I think it looks like first:

1) The first image looks like heavy NR was applied to it, causing detail loss in smearing. At first I thought it was not sharp because of the lense, but it should be sharp at least in the center, which is why I disregarded this thought. It could be in-camera NR, which wouldn't make sense, since it was taken at ISO80.

2) lense is dirty. It is possible that the olympus camera has a big finger print or a thin film of oil on the lense, causing it to lose sharpness. Very common, and easily cleaned off.

3) the olympus lense could suffer from significant manufacturing defects, as it could just be not sharp from the factory.

4) it's possible that this is just the way this camera behaves, that the lense isn't up to resolving the detail required by the small sensor. Very possible. I didn't see this on the 720SW however.

FWIW, the olympus shows less purple fringing than the Canon, though this could also be due to smearing. The canon image is definitely much better in most respects.
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