K10D versus K1900D

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Re: K10D versus K1900D

Thanks guys,

The positioning was the trickiest bit and it all took me about half an hour to set up. The trouble was that I had no idea of what focal length the original was taken at. Also the large boulder in the midground has been broken which threw me at first.

I used the rocks and the headlands to line up the image and then had to walk backwards until the foreground all fitted together and I could work out the focal length. It was then that I discovered the hidden ditches that the old boats were pulled up into. So these helped.

After I was reasonably satisfied that I was in the same spot, I then had to get the tripod elevation correct so that the same amount of sea was in view between the rocks.

I'll probably return in summer afternoon light to try and recreate the lighting too. Although I suspect that when this happend the tide will probably be out !!


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