CHDK firmware hack discussion (20)

Started Oct 26, 2007 | Discussions thread
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CHDK on A720IS - bad news

I've looked into the firmware dump you blinked and...

It seems that the porting to this camera is almost impossible (at least it is very hard and needs deep analysis of the dump) because Canon changed the OS which was used for Digic 2/3 before. The OS was VxWorks, and now it is DRYOS. As the result all OS-related procedures have to be found from the scratch. But the main issue is the method of CHDK loading is not compatible with the OS anymore: the OS-related mechanism of hooking tasks, working with buttons is totally changed and it is needed to fully rewrite this part.

Unfortunately, the same is suspected for all recent new cameras (A650, S5IS, G9).

But, there is a positive moment - the hardware part is still unchanged (ARM9), because BOOTDISK blinker works.

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