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Avant Stellar keyboard. The best.

Adam wrote:

The keyboard
is one of the most important things about using a computer, and yet
really good keyboards have all but disappeared. Almost all consumers
will accept spending $300 on a flakey/bloated operating system they
don't need, but won't spend an extra $30 on a keyboard that will last
for 30 years and actually improve the result of using the computer.

I couldn't agree more. Your body uses the keyboard to interpret your thoughts. I want the keyboard to vanish, to work seamlessly, to let my fingers float along.

The keyboard I've been using for 10 years now is the CVT Avant Stellar. It's the ultimate in solid build, reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

One of its key features is programability. Using the supplied software it's a simple task to reassign any key to be any other key. There are as many ways to take advantage of this as your imagination allows. As one small example, I never use the calculator keys as a calculator. I have a separate calculator for that. So I have programmed the large "0 / Ins" key at the bottom of the calculator pad to function as Delete. This alone has saved me countless finger movements. Also, becasue the key is big, I don't have to look down to be sure my finger has found the little Delete key.

Another key feature is having the function keys on the left side. This allows the most commonly used key combinations, like alt-F4, shift-F7, etc etc to be reached with barely a move of the wrist, and to have all 12 Function keys immediately under your left hand, instead of having to reach for the top of the board.

Another neat feature is an optional keyswap between the Caps Lock and the left Ctrl buttons, for those who'd prefer to have the often-used Ctrl on the left, right above the Shift and Alt keys. I love that. The swap makes the left Ctrl button larger and easier to hit.

Also, there's a BIG Enter key! It's wonderful.

Another neat fearture is a row of "SF" keys on the top, where most boards have the Function keys. These can each be programmed to any key or combo you like. For example, I have SF1 set to Shift-F3, which lets me cycle through upper-lower case changes in Word with one tap of a key.

It's solid, has a firm and reassuring feel.

It's expensive at $189, but not that much. I've spent more on memory cards that disappointed. My computers and monitors have come and gone, but my Avant keyboard has stayed. It actually does improve the result of using the computer -- a lot! I think I'll order a spare, just in case.

Highly recommended.
Tom B

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