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Simply because it is factual...

mfurman wrote:

congratulate you though on your ability to stay overconfident and

...I just lean on what is there, what it is. And, in my case, this cam works perfectly , so far. I have not been able to detect even the easiest-to-detect problems that Rob has pointed out, in any dimension, in any operating mode.

What do you think a resale value of your camera is going to be?
You can certainly say that you do not care about it or that you never
sell your equipment. Nevertheless, try to sell it now. In a nutshell,
this is the answer to your "I know better" recent postings.

NEGATIVE. You see, if you held a camera for, say, 12 months, and you made money with it while exploiting its feature range during such period of time, and it proved time after time that it delivered the bacon then... What do you think someone in need of it would react if I sell it? What do you think he/she would think when I tell them:

"This camera has been our bread winner for over 12 months. It has never been opened, repaired or modified in any form or shape since it left its factory. In other words, it is virgin, and it is free of busted phillips-screw heads, missing parts and other finish damages, etc. Examples of its output and superb quality are available upon request, at ANY time."

Again, it is not arrogance. It is mere fact, and sorry for those that did not get a unit like mine. I am not the one to blame, though... First blame Canon (fully), and then... your BAD luck!


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