Qimage to resize and print after PS3

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Re: Qimage to resize and print after PS3

jrsforums wrote:

The only times I have had halos/artifacts with Qimage is when I
initially over sharpened in PS.....or had the sharpening lever turned
too high. For my printing (R1800 and 3800) I find '6' (default '5')
to work 99% of the time.

You may find that with what you are doing a lower number (less
'final' smart sharpening) might avoid your problems.

I just don't like the look of QImage's print sharpening, I prefer to do my own in Photoshop. Fact is no fully-automatic sharpening routine is going to do better than what I can do interactively in PS, where I have the option to take different approaches depending on the image content, use layers and masks, etc.

As for interpolation, maybe the new hybrid is better, but "vector" interpolation definitely had a tendency to produce halos. I haven't evaluated Hybrid for large prints, because it doesn't really make sense for me to mess with QIMage interpolation if I want to do my own print sharpening. So I resize and sharpen in PS, and then have QImage just send the file to the printer (using QImage's color management and layout features, of course).

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