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Re: Just got a P3 myself

Pacerr wrote:

I'm sittin' here contemplatin' two P-3n's and a P-5 body and wishin'
they had "digital backs". They did everything I wanted 'em to do and
never failed me.

Say what ya will, the P3/P30/P5 bodies were just a bit larger,
20-percent lighter and (IMO) felt better than the K1000 and many
M-series in the hands.

I'm not an old film user, but a new film user with a K10D as his main camera. Yesterday was my first time to use my Pentax P3n outdoors. I'm really impressed how it fits my hand better than the Nikon F3.

I want a digital back, or a rewritable digital film that I can just load into a reader.

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