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Re: I do not understand it ...

Eric C in OK wrote:

lutz wrote:

I do not understand it ... but my wife also would wants a camera
exactly like that.

( what is wrong with a popup flash for example ?)

In and of itself, nothing is "wrong" with it. It's a useful feature.
Nothing is wrong with scene modes, shake reduction, auto ISO, and the
program line, either. They all add function and value to a camera. If
that is the value you seek. They also add complexity to the camera
that some people prefer to do without.

I'm not a Luddite. I'm just observing a need based on a particular
sample size. That sample size is greater than 1, by the way. I may
have originally used my sister as a reference, but she is a
particular instance of demographic that I know exists in the real

Tell your wife to look for the Pentax Whatsit, part of the new
Hoya/Pentax line of quality products, sometime in 2009. No, I'm
not a Pentax employee. I am, as I often do, speaking out of my
anterior orifice.

You sound just like a Luddite I once knew, but I'll take your word for it that you're not. I think you missed one very important ingredient in your observations, that is the idea that a woman can actually be pleased. If it is simple enough, they would want "just a little bit more control". It would be too small or too large, or too thick or too thin, or the wrong color to match their outfit. Good Lord, I've heard it all a few million times!

BTW-Close game, but it wasn't horseshoes. I don't think the Aggies will have such luck in a few minutes.

'This is more serious than I thought.....but it is still fun!
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