Contax lenses on Canon Bodies

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Re: contax/zeiis zooms

DerekSurfs wrote:

Wow, it sounds like you are very happy with the 24-85 comparing it so
well to your primes. I wonder how it compares to the Zeiss 35-70mm
f3.4. I have heard the 35-70/3.4 is one of the best zooms which even
matches or surpasses some primes.

it was late autumn or an early winter last year when I first heard about
Conurus and their tricks of retaining AF on contax N lenses when fitted
to work with EOS bodies. It took quite a lot of reserach, as the info on
these are a bit scanty, and all I remember was a bunch of glowing
reviews on 24-85 here:
which sent me to do more searching. I did meet some reviews on 35-70 too,
but for the life of me can not remember now what got me to decide that
I'll like 24-85 better. Perhaps it was it's weight and a range fitting very
well indeed into a gap between my (then) favorites: 10-22 and 70-300IS.
The reviews on contaxes at PZ were not published yet then: ,
but the one on 24-70L of course was: ,
as well as the facts of its weight and heavy CA.
As they say in PZ - it was an adventure, but it ended well, and could not
possibly be happier now,


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